Thursday, October 26, 2006

I miss my ex.
not R, M.
I never thought I'll ever miss her again, I thought I was totally over her..
sometimes i say : 7sbi allah 3leha..hee eli w9ltni l ely ana 3laiyh now..
and some other times I tell my self : dont cry because it's gone, smile because it happened.
So much darama is going on in my life right now.
Me & R are still having our up's & down's, on's & off's.
someone i know is crushing on me, and I'm having fun but the prob is
it cant be serious because LDRS are not made for ppl like me.

did u ever think that you'de miss someone u already got over?
did it ever happen to u? and how could u be over him-her if u still miss him-her?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Expressing My Feelings

Her voice touches something inside me.
The way she says anyword using the letter J , just makes my heart melts.
She's inlove with someone else and so am I...
We can never be together I guess..but I'm just expressing my feelings here since I can't tell her anything about how I feel.
She would probably think that I'm crazy or insane !
Maybe because I'm unexperienced..or so I think !
Erm and yeah, yesterday I broke up with R.
I think its finally over and we're both taking different ways.
If she wants me back she have to try so hard to get that, I'm not the same again...
and I'll never be.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Laitnee maa jait..Laitnee Raddait..

I finally saw her.
My sweet heart.
we were having this argument about not seeing each other and she simply said that she's not coming over to my place and that I have to come over.
well I'm like the shyest person on earth and that's kinda impossible.
I won't go over to her place to hang out with her family or friends.
I want to be alone with her.
I want to be my self around her.
she started screaming on me and telling me how abnormal I am !
just because I'm shy and I wont come means that I'm abnormal ?!
well, her friends place is kinda "lesbians gathering" and no way I'm going there !
anyhow the next day i decided to go out and pass by her place just to see her.
I went there, went inside, saw her.
she changed.
she became more beautiful.
she got rid of the braces.
and she looks almost like shane from the L word !
the moment i saw her i fell inlove again with her.
I saw her kittens and her drawing room.
then I left.
we hugged, said goodbye and I left.
but there was something really weird.
she's not inlove with me.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

About My H.W

its always this way.
I hate our fucking Finance teacher :@ she's such a crazy bitch.
she wants us to write an article about something I've never heard of before.
and no one is there to help.
no one wrote anything and no one has any idea what should this article exactly include.
the deadline is tomorrow and I'm here sitting online waiting for a jenie to show up with this fucking article.
the problem is they never taught us how to research or write articles that we dont know anything about.
I'm not even interested in finance or business to read about or know anything about.
I called my ex as usual expecting her to save me and do it for me.
and she said that it will be ready by today.
but guess what?
the article she asked someone to write , is nothing near what my teacher wants.
it talks about intrenational stuff & i need local stuff !
I don't know what to do.
I hate having assignments and projects and this is getting really seriouse.
I should've known that my ex wont do anything as usual.
its either something useless or (bss 7aki).
I'm not a selfish pig who wants everything done by other people,
I just need steps and directions to do what I have to do.
I hate all of this =

Monday, October 02, 2006

stupiddddddddd meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Am I crazy or what?
I just changed my phone number few days ago and now I have strangers SMSING ME.
ok i was really bored, staying at home alone with nothing to do when i got this msg:
whenever u feel like talking with someone that u dont know then callme and if u dont like just delete this msg.
I had to know who sent it.
I started SMSING and replying the msgs and it turned out to be a girl.
she called me and talked to me and she was really nice.
but I'm sure that someone sent her.
maybe its R to get rid off me.
maybe its someone who wants something good to happen to me.
(why would anyone want that for me?)
and yeah i have alot of enemies,
that means that anyone could be playing a game with me.
aaaah stupid stupppppppid
*hitting my head to the wall*
I still need to know who this girl is.