Tuesday, October 03, 2006

About My H.W

its always this way.
I hate our fucking Finance teacher :@ she's such a crazy bitch.
she wants us to write an article about something I've never heard of before.
and no one is there to help.
no one wrote anything and no one has any idea what should this article exactly include.
the deadline is tomorrow and I'm here sitting online waiting for a jenie to show up with this fucking article.
the problem is they never taught us how to research or write articles that we dont know anything about.
I'm not even interested in finance or business to read about or know anything about.
I called my ex as usual expecting her to save me and do it for me.
and she said that it will be ready by today.
but guess what?
the article she asked someone to write , is nothing near what my teacher wants.
it talks about intrenational stuff & i need local stuff !
I don't know what to do.
I hate having assignments and projects and this is getting really seriouse.
I should've known that my ex wont do anything as usual.
its either something useless or (bss 7aki).
I'm not a selfish pig who wants everything done by other people,
I just need steps and directions to do what I have to do.
I hate all of this =


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Madhatter said...

Dont u have like a study group, or y dont u raise the issue with ur teacher and tell her that u need help with research.
Whats the topic, mayb i can help. Let me know

At 3:38 PM, Blogger mei said...

ekrah lama asweeh ba7th !mara sheen lama inty ely tkone mehtama o el tahnyeen 3ady mo mehtameen zayek mara sheen hatha sh3oor!

At 8:55 PM, Blogger pink_ballerina said...

my problem is solved =D she wrote an article for me by her self..that proves that she really loves moi =$

yeah its the worst ! la o ashyan shai when your involved in a group pro or assignmet and you have to do all the work cuz the other gals are lazy ! anyways i did mine o ma 3alai min a7ad =P


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