Monday, February 19, 2007

My Valentine

I'm back again..
I forgot all about my blog since I was so busy studying and stuff..
I'll just talk about my valentines day..
I was desperatly single a week before valentine..
I was planning to sleep all day long to get it off my mind but a surprise happened !
the friday before valentine I received a text msg that told me that am committed her :D
she apologized about everything and confessed that she just wanna be with me..
She told me that she's my valentine..and that I dont have to worry about anything else..
I started looking for the perfect gift..and I was so lost cuz I had so little time !
I got her this red leather bracelet with a heart on it,,
teddy bear holding red flowers as a key chain,,
a box of heart shaped chocolate wrapped with red paper,,
a bag chain or something like that with her sign on it with RED
I made her a CD with all our songs in it..
we were planning to meet on Wednesday but instead we met on Tuesday in my place..
the room had red balloons everywhere..
I chose a movie for us to watch together which was (SERENDIPITY)
I made a chocolate heart shaped cake for her..
and I arranged the chips in a heart shape ..

The movie didn't work..
She arrived so late ( 11 pm :/ )
The cake was ruined
My aunt crashed our romantic date..

and it was a disaster..
I wanted to get red flower & red candles but there was so little time..
and since my aunt crashed our date ,, thank god I didn't put any..
(I mean the balloons were enough :| )
she left at 12.30..
and she didnt even kiss me :(

it was a nightmare i know..but I'm still waiting for a kiss..