Sunday, November 26, 2006

to violet I write..

sometimes I wonder..

-does she still remember ( the blue day book)..the one I gave to her when she was having one of the worsttimes of her life..and it made her smile , cry & laugh, does she still keep it?

-does she still smile when she listens to OUR song..or does it brings sadness to her heart because I'm not thereto listen to it with her..
(Mst`3riba..hatha ilhawa..a7la o ajmal 3a6ifa..)

-does she still remember me when she sees my favorite i do when i see her's?

-does she wake up in the middle of the nite and wish I was still there?

-does she regret leaving me or she's happy with the person she's with right now?

-will she ever find anyone who will understand her unspoken words and heal her wounds..

-will anyone ever cry because she's crying? or is it just me who used to share everything with her, even tears..?

-will she ever love someone more than she loved me? or did she promise her self never to love someone as much as she loved the promise I gave my self after she left?

I gave my self this promise the day she left:
that no matter how much I loved someone..I'll never love them as much as I loved her..she'll always have this special place in my heart..forever and ever..we both gone on different ways, fell inlove with other people..but she's still THE ONE..and she's still in my heart, and I'd leave anything to be with her again..

(7obha kan ba7ar..o 7ob kil a7ad mn b3dha nig6a fi ba7ar..)

Friday, November 17, 2006

I don't want my heart anymore

I'm throwing it away, I don't need it anymore..
falling inlove is just an excuse to get hurt..mob akthaar..

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Try

Me and R are giving it a try again.
she decided to open her heart and give her self a chance to love.
I'm trying to be with other people.
I once asked her what will happen if I told her that I was with someone else. she said that she has no right to say anything but she would leave me because she doesn't like sharing anything she have with anyone..
what a weirdo..she told me that she has a feeling that I'm really with someone else.
ME, being scared of losing her again lied.
I'm just trying to get over her by being with someone else.