Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tagged by dyke in saudi

I have to write 10 things that are weird or unknown about me.

so here they are:

1. I talk to my self when I can't concentrate.

2. I always need help in my h.w's.

3. I love the color pink but I can't see my self wearing it.

4. I have mood swings.

5. I still sleep with the teddy bear I got on my 18th birthday .

6. curly hair, thick eye brows, small eyes are what i look for in a girl (plus a great personality)

7. I have this dream about having a group of lesbian friends and getting together every now and then..I hate that I have to keep my self in the closet because I live with straight people.

8. I'm loving GOLD

9. I think my mom used to have a lesbian relationship

10. I hate cursing & smoking

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