Saturday, April 22, 2006


so confused..I dont even know what i want..just had a really short hair cut..i thought that it could help showing that am not straight..but till now it didnt..i never thought i'd turn out like that..i was normal..i swear..until she came into my life and messed everything upside down..therefore i realized i cant be the same again..and its not only an experience..its more..its who i am..its who i should be..when many girls told me " we cant imagine that u could talk to a guy"..( becuz of the innocent look on my face) they didnt even imagine that i could turn out to be a lesbian..its not that am officially a lezbo..but i dunno what it should be called..ok..i would have a relation ship with a girl..but without any sexual intercourse..i think its becuz of my troubled childhood and teenage years..and becuz i was always missing my mom..although she's there ( but never there for me) so being loved by a female..who treats me like a baby and spoils me..makes me feel so happy..GOD this is starting to be annoying..elzbda..ana mu 3arfa mn hathi elensana eli abee akoon would be a big giant problem if anyone knew about this..

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Magic Ear :P

Today... I discovered something really amazing in me.
I was sitting there, with my grandmother who was talking to me and complaining about my behavior toward my parents. I didn’t want to hear what she was saying, so I just some how ignored her and continued staring at the pc’s screen.
When she finished her speech I tried to remember a word she said but I couldn’t!
God I was so amazed! but why don’t this thing work frequently ! Listening to what I what and ignoring what I don’t want to hear!