Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Laitnee maa jait..Laitnee Raddait..

I finally saw her.
My sweet heart.
we were having this argument about not seeing each other and she simply said that she's not coming over to my place and that I have to come over.
well I'm like the shyest person on earth and that's kinda impossible.
I won't go over to her place to hang out with her family or friends.
I want to be alone with her.
I want to be my self around her.
she started screaming on me and telling me how abnormal I am !
just because I'm shy and I wont come means that I'm abnormal ?!
well, her friends place is kinda "lesbians gathering" and no way I'm going there !
anyhow the next day i decided to go out and pass by her place just to see her.
I went there, went inside, saw her.
she changed.
she became more beautiful.
she got rid of the braces.
and she looks almost like shane from the L word !
the moment i saw her i fell inlove again with her.
I saw her kittens and her drawing room.
then I left.
we hugged, said goodbye and I left.
but there was something really weird.
she's not inlove with me.


At 4:40 AM, Blogger Wowel said...

why? what happened during the period that you didnt see each other?

At 2:16 PM, Blogger mei said...

keef ta3refeen enha ma t7ebek :S?

At 4:23 PM, Blogger pink_ballerina said...

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At 4:25 PM, Blogger pink_ballerina said...

welcome to my blog =) hmmm actually i was away on vacation and ever since I came back I didn't see her. She always has those lame excuses. and this time it was a quicky I didn't sit with her I just passed by to give her the things I got and see her after the braces.

li2anaha ma tbayyen ya 3yoony enty.
and she's treating me like a friend.a7is even her friends she treats them better than me =(

4:23 PM


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